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NipEAZE Running Nip Guard Nipple Pad Protector

NipEASE Running Nip Guard Nipple Pad Protector. Protection against painful nipple abrasion and chaffing.

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Nipeaze are a must for long distance runners or those training for the marathon

Protection against painful nipple abrasion and chaffing

Available in packs of 15 or 60 pairs

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Nigel Blake
Mar 16, 2019
Great service from Chelston. Nipeaze is a good product that does what it says. It protected my nipple so I had no bleeding or soreness.
Jul 2, 2018
Tried these after other brands fell off mid-run. These stay on successfully, no irritation, no bleeding!

Advantages: No more red striped running vests!
Johnny Lynas
May 10, 2018
Did the job for a 2 hour ride. 10 hour + ride coming up and reasonably confident that these will stay on.

Advantages: No painful nips

Disadvantages: Get the size you need. If you have big nips, there is a larger size
Amy Caney
Oct 19, 2017
Bought these for my husband when running in his first marathon. He thought they were excellent and would highly recommend.

Advantages: Easy to apply and stayed on during prolonged excerise and heavy sweating.
Kevin Clarke
Aug 24, 2017
Fantastic product. It's cheap, it works and it's painless. Highly recommended.