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Yoga & Pilates

Our yoga and pilates accessories are ideal for home or studio use and will help you to get more out of your yoga session. If you practise Bikram our non-slip yoga towel is ideal. Our pilates ring will help you to strengthen and tone your muscles. Foam yoga bricks are perfect for balancing postures like half moon and extended triangle pose.

  • J2X Fitness Five Toe Rubber Sole Yoga Pilates Socks

    These J2X Fitness Yogs Socks have been specially created for Yoga and Pilates. 5 toe design allows the toes to separate and activate the muscles in the feet. Sip-resistant rubber grip sole.

  • J2X Fitness Latex Resistance Loop Exercise Lateral Resistor Leg Band Ring Crossfit

    The J2X Fitness Resistance Band Exercise Loops are ideal for rehab and training exercises. Muscles and tendons can be stretched and strengthened as part of rehabilitation training or sports training.

  • More Mile The Beast Trigger Point Massage Therapy Foam Roller

    The More Mile Beast foam roller is perfect for trigger point therapy. Featuring specially designed foam bumps similar to the thumbs of a massage therapist.

    £18.99 save 47%
  • Tiger Tail The Big One Foam Roller Trigger Point Massage

    The new king of foam rollers is sleek and powerful. Easily break up muscle knots and release tightness. Great for backs, IT bands, glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves and more. Rigid hollow core, hefty foam construction. Super sturdy design. Thick, heavy-duty foam. Built to last with Tiger Tail’s stamp of quality, won’t break down.

    £40.00 save 55%