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Swarm Three Peaks Sprint II Aqua Water Beach Dive Shoes

The Sprint II Aqua Water Shoes by Three Peaks features mid sole water drainage.

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The Sprint II Aqua Water Shoes by Three Peaks feature:

Mesh and Neoprene Upper

Strong, hard wearing sole.

Elasticated Lacing


Great value multi-use aqua shoes.

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Ian Welsh
Apr 30, 2018
Bought two pairs for my wife and I. Very good fit, nice & light with good grip. Very happy with my purchase.

Advantages: Hopefully great for kyaking!

Disadvantages: None so far!
Nicole Shelton
Sep 1, 2016
A good product and the service was quick and efficient

Advantages: Good protection in water, good grip.

Disadvantages: Does not drain very quickly
Cintia Daniela
Oct 14, 2015
I am on my 3rd pair of these, and as an aqua instructor I cannot recommend them enough. they are durable, light-weight, will give you a better workout for your legs than wearing no shoes (remember: the shoes fill with water and thus give you a greater 'drag'!) and will protect you from catching common & undesirable barefoot-related infections (e.g. verrucas, Athletes foot)

Advantages: - Durable
- adds to workouts
- lightweight
- reasonably priced

Disadvantages: None at all
Susan England
Jun 25, 2015
I use these aqua shoes in my water aerobics class, and they are excellent! They have a good grip which keeps me from slipping around in the pool. They are also quite sporty looking (look like trainers)! They are very well made and reasonably priced. I'm quite pleased with these aqua shoes and highly recommend them to others who take water aerobics classes.

Advantages: good grip to soles of shoes which prevents slipping around in the pool
well made
reasonably priced
attractive design

Disadvantages: None that I've found!
John Hudson
Jun 3, 2015
This is my 3rd pair of these shoes and they are great. Comfortable and so light.

Advantages: comfortable and light

Disadvantages: insole could be more durable


These are great bought them as a present whose birthday was while we were away. He was thrilled with them, had no problems with them steaming... as some similar product reviews had. It was great not having to remove goggles and find glasses to see...
May 7, 2015