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Surf Accessories

  • Zoggs Swmming Training Aid Pull Buoy Float

    Four layer contoured design for optimum buoyancy. Shaped for training. Durable EVA construction. Size: 23 x 8.5cm.

  • Breakout Polarised Floating Watersports Sunglasses

    These Polarised Sunglasses from Breakout are ideal for water sports including surfing, sailing, kayaking and canoeing. UV400 polarised lens. Lightweight wrap around design with integrated adjustable retaining strap.

    £40.00 save 43%
  • Breakout Yello UV Sun Protection Beach Tent Shelter Wind Break UPF40+

    The Yello Beach Tent from Breakout offers excellent protection from sun (40+ UV) and wind on the beach. Easy to set up. Zip up front with nylon poles, tent pegs & sand pouches. Size: H:120cm x W:210cm x L:120cm

  • Childs & Adults SwimTech Anti Slip Swimming Pool Socks

    Breathable pool sock with Silicone Grip. For use around the poolside and in water. Ergonomic fit for comfort. Helps protect against infection.

  • Chums Floating Boat Keychain Keyring Yellow

    The Floating Keychain by Chums fits over your wrist so you don't lose your keys while on the water. If you happen to go overboard and lose your keys the Floating Keychain will keep them on the surface. Easy to spot with it's bright yellow foam and TPU construction, it will float 1 oz (28g) or about 2 keys.

  • Chums Floating Neoprene Sunglasses Retainer Strap

    The Floating Neo from Chums is the popular Neoprene retainer with added floatation capabilities. Filled with closed-cell foam, the Floating Neo will float eyewear up to 35 grams. The lock-stitched ends slip over most size eyewear frames. For a tighter fit, slide the retainer further down your frames.

  • Chums Halfpipe Sunglasses Adjustable Floating Retainer Strap

    A lightweight latex tube design and easily adjustable bead set the Halfpipe apart from other floating eyewear retainers. Popular with kayakers, the half pipe fits under helmets and cinches tight to the head during treacherous runs and rides. Floats up to 5g (.2oz.) and fits small- to medium-sized frames.

  • Chums Mini Neo Running Hiking Waist Pack Bum Bag

    The Mini Neo Waist Pack features the easy one-handed Side Cinch waist belt with a low profile padded neoprene pocket. Adjusts for lengths between 26" and 60".

  • Chums Trailway Running Hiking Waist Pack Bum Bag

    The Trailway Waist Pack by Chums features a triangulated waist belt with easy one-handed Side Cinch adjustment and multiple storage pockets. Adjusts for lengths between 26" and 46".

  • Dakine Cinch Mat Bag Surf Changing Mat Bag

    It's as easy as stop, drop and cinch. Just stand in the middle of our stashable changing mat, drop your wet gear and then cinch it all up to keep the dirty wet stuff isolated. The Cinch Mat works great for surfing, mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding - basically any scenario where you're changing out in a hurry. Let your imagination run wild.

    £21.99 save 14%
  • Dakine Wonder 15L Backpack Rucksack Stencil Palm

    The Women's Wonder is our go to everyday compact daypack with ample capacity for all your essentials. The Wonder offers a casual alternative to carrying a purse or alternately doubles as an ideal day hiker. Colour: Stencil Palm

    £34.99 save 14%
  • Northcore Keypod 5GS Car Van Key Safe Padlock Surf / Watersports

    KEYPOD is the original sports key safe – meet the next generation KEYPOD 5Gs.  

    Maintaining the fundamental concept of secure key storage, the brand new 5th Generation KEYPOD is now available in the “S” model.

    £27.00 save 7%
  • Northcore Waterproof Key & Phone Case

    The ALL new Northcore waterproof key and phone case is now even better.  The new PVC material is stronger, more flexible and has a double seal waterproofing system which is locked down tight with a third level of velcro protection.

  • Northcore Waterproof Surf Double Van Seat Cover

    At last, there's now a van seat cover out there designed with boardriders in mind.  This is a tough waterproof cover which will fit most double front van seats.  Great when you can't be bothered to change out of your wetsuit to go to another spot or get home, just jump in the van and go.

  • Northcore Waterproof Surf Rear Triple Seat Cover Black

    At last, there's now a van seat cover out there designed with boardriders in mind.  This is a tough waterproof cover which will fit most triple rear van seats.  Great when you can't be bothered to change out of your wetsuit to go to another spot or get home, just jump in the van and go

  • Northcore Waterproof Surf Wetsuit Changing Mat Dry Bag

    This tough waterproof bag folds out into a flat 1m diameter changing mat for you to stand on whilst getting changed.  It's perfect for use in carparks when getting out of your wetsuits.  Just throw all the wet gear into the bag, pull up the drawstrings and it's packed neatly away.  The material is fully waterproof and very heavy duty so can be washed down and wont leak if a wetsuit is left inside it.

    £19.99 save 10%
  • Osprey Watersports Canoe Kayak Wakeboarding Helmet Blue

    Protect your head with a Osprey Watersports helmets. Suitable for canoing, kayak and wakeboarding. Ventilated design helps keep you cool. Drains water out quickly. Colour Blue

    £29.99 save 23%
  • Sinner Floating Sunglasses Retainer Strap Black

    With the Sinner floating sunglasses cord, you can look overboard, without having the panic of watching your sunglasses sink into the deep blue. Rubber buckle to adjust the length

  • Sinner Neoprene Floating Sunglasses Retainer Strap Cord

    Sinner neoprene Floating Cord with slip on ends. Floating tubes keeps your sunglasses afloat in water. Colour: Black

  • Sola 3mm Smooth Skin Wetsuit Surf Cap

    The  3mm Smooth Skin Surf Cap from Sola features flat locked stitched.

  • Sola Neoprene Surf Car/Van Seat Cover Protector

    SOLA Car Seat Covers are the ideal piece of protective kit for keeping your seats safe from the effects of the sun. The seat cover has bound edges for durability and comes with elastic seat connectors so that it will fit most cars. Colour: Black

  • Sola Waterproof Surf Wetsuit Changing Mat Dry Bag

    SOLA Changing Mat Bag is the ideal piece of protective kit for keeping your wetsuit and kit safe and secure once you’re done with it. The changing mat unfolds to a circular 1m in diameter with plenty of space to remove your suit, trunks, rash-vest, boots and whatever else you might need to remove and the 100% material safely keeps in all of the moisture so you can transport everything safely and dry. Colour: Black

  • Speedo Biofuse Aquatic Swimming Ear Plugs & Case

    Featuring Speedo Biofuse technology for maximum comfort and fi t. Ergonomic design aids easy insertion and removal. Multiple flange construction creates improved seal. Flange: TPR. Core: PP. Comes with a reusable case.

  • Speedo Ergo Swimming Ear Plugs & Case

    Easy insertion and removal, comes with reusable case. Essential accessory for serious swimmers.

  • Surfers Skin SPF 30+ SunScreen Zinc Sun Block (8.5 gm stick)

    Surfersskin Zinc Sunscreen SPF 30+ 8.5g Stick is ultra performance water resistant sunscreen and is specifically designed for those who enjoy extreme surf conditions.

  • SwimTech TPR Swimming Ear Plugs & Case

    PP handle with an ergonomically shaped TPR plug for a comfortable fit. Includes a reusable storage case.

  • Swox Sunscreen Surfing/Ski Sports Lotion Sun Cream Block SPF50+

    A very high protection sun lotion for the whole body. Designed to provide sun protection while surfing and skiing. Water resistant UVA/UVB filter systems combined with titanium blockers protecting securely from sun induced skin damage. Additional active skin protection with vitamin E (antioxidant) and nurturing provitamin B5.  Size: 50ML

    £17.00 save 29%
  • Swox Sunscreen Surfing/Ski Sports Zinc Sun Cream Block SPF50+

    Highly effective UVA/UVB filter systems (broad spectrum) combined with zinc and titanium to protect securely from sunlight induced damage and irritations. Without perfumes and alcohol. Additional protection with vitamin E (antioxidant) and regenerating provitamin B5. Proven by the world's best surfers and athlete throughout the world. 50ML. Size: 50ml

    £20.00 save 25%
  • TWF 3mm Neoprene Wetsuit Surf Hood

    The 3mm Neoprene Surf Hood from TWF features 3mm Double lined hood with supertretch stripe.

  • Typhoon Raptor 3mm Surf Neoprene Wetsuit Hood

    The 3mm Neoprene Surf Hood from Typhoon features 3mm titanium lined neoprene. Finished neck entrance assists snug fit & helps minimise water penetration. Glued and blindstitched dry seams for maximum comfort and absolute minimal water ingress
    £22.99 save 26%
  • Typhoon Watersports Canoe Kayak Wakeboarding Helmet Yellow

    The Typhoon helmet is a versatile and stylish CE approved helmet for general marine use. Colour: Yellow

    £34.99 save 14%
  • Zoggs Aqua Plugz Swimming Ear Plugs & Case

    Moulded silicone ear plugs. Ergonomically shaped to fit the outer ear. Ultra comfort fit. Hypoallergenic. Handy carry case.

  • Northcore Beach Basha Changing Poncho Beach Triathlon Surf Towel Robe

    The Northcore™ "Beach Basha" changing robe is the perfect beach and pool accessory for use by anyone enjoying the outdoors but with no where private to change into and out of leisure kit like wetsuits and swimming costumes.  Great for surfers, windsurfers, kitesurfers, swimmers etc and for all the family on holiday.

  • Northcore Beach Basha Sport Changing Poncho Triathlon Surf Robe

    The Northcore Beach Basha Sport changing robe is ready for whatever outdoor activities you can throw at it. This Unisex long sleeve adult robe offers thermal insulation, drying performance and privacy for public changing out of sports clothing and wetsuits. The rugged PU coated nylon outer soft shell is shower and wind resistant and benefits from 100% super soft sherpa fleece lining to keep you warm on the chilliest of days. Colour: Black

    £90.00 save 2%
  • Sola Poncho Hooded Beach Triathlon Surf Changing Towel Robe

    These Towel Changing Robe from Sola are made from 100% Cotton.

  • Breakout 2mm Neoprene Surf Webbed Paddle Gloves

    These 2mm Neoprene Paddle Gloves from Breakout are perfect for building swimming strength or to provide extra power and warmth for surfers and body boarders.

    £14.99 save 33%
  • Breakout Waterproof In Ear Earphones Swim Headphones MP3 Ipod

    These Waterproof earphones from Breakout are perfect for swimming, surfing and other water sports. They feature 3.5m audio jack and are suitable for Ipods, Iphones, mp3 and mp4 players.

  • Breakout Waterproof Sports Clip Earphones Running Gym Headphones

    These Waterproof Sports earphones from Breakout are perfect for swimming, running, surfing and other many other action sports. They feature 3.5m jack and are suitable for Ipods, Iphones, mp3 and mp4 players.
  • Dakine Surfboard Roof Rack Bar Pads 18 Inch Pair

    The Dakine Rack Pads fit your existing roof rack crossbars to provide padded protection for transporting surfboards. These 18-inch wide rack pads are sold in pairs and feature custom extruded foam covered with durable 600D polyester fabric, a hook and loop closure holds the foam in place. Colour: Black

    £22.00 save 9%
  • EQ Sorky Sympatex Ear Seals Swimming Surfing Ear Plugs

    EQ Ear Seals earplugs create a waterproof seal without blocking your hearing. Comes with an ergonomic applicator for an easy and safe placement of the protection in the ear, as well as with a handy carry tube on a key ring.

  • G Plugs Ear Seals Swimming Surfing Ear Plugs

    The G plugs features precision moulded to naturally fit the ear.

  • Northcore Ear Seals Swimming Surfing Surfshields V2 Ear Plugs

    Northcore SURFSHIELD Surfers Ear Plugs are designed to block out water while allowing in sound for optimised surfing balance, equilibrium and protection against surfers ear.  Developed and manufactured in the EU. Northcore Surfshields use advanced acoustic filter technology centered with unique organic TPE earplugs which are designed to fit neatly into the ear's auditory canal.

  • Northcore Surfboard Roof Rack Bar Pads 43cm Pair

    These  Roof Rack Bar Pads from Northcore are designed to protect sports equipment (surfboards, windsurf boards, kayaks etc) transported on roof racks. Colour: Black

  • Pits & Bits Expanding Wipes 4pk

    Combine the expandable wipes with our Pits & Bits Body Wash and create the perfect bathing wipe!

  • Pits & Bits Travel/Festival Wash Kit

    Keep clean and fresh when you're travelling, camping or at festivals.

  • Pits & Bits Waterless Body Wash 65ml

    Waterless Body Wash is the perfect way to wash away from home, whether you are biking,hiking, camping or in the military! Perfect  for festivals too! Pits & Bits is a no rinse product and requires absolutely no water!

  • Pits & Bits Waterless Shampoo 65ml

    Waterless Shampoo is the perfect way to wash away from home! This no rinse formula saves time, space and truly works! Leaves your hair clean, soft and full of life.

  • Sola Single Strap On Padded Surfboard Soft Roof Rack Pads

    The Single Padded Roof Rack Pads from Sola is perfect for surf travel. Colour: Black/blue