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  • Precision Power Speed Resister Fitness Training Belt Football/Hockey/Rugby

    This harness system uses partner controlled resistance. Suitable for short sprints, lateral shuffles and explosive forward and backward movements. Nylon harness and webbing, padded shoulder strap.

  • Adult / Junior Safegard Gel Mouthguard Rugby/Hockey Gum Shield Mouth Guard

    CE approved boil and bite mouthguard with a gel liner to ensure a comfortable and secure fit, while giving excellent protection. Complete with case and fitting instructions. Colours: orange/black, blue/white, white/red, black/yellow.

  • Albion Universal Junior / Adults Tag Rugby Belts Set (10 Pack)

    Pack of 10 Heavy duty tag rugby belts. Universal size fits 26" to 40" waist. Easy to clean PVC.

  • Childs Junior Tots Soft Foam Sponge Rugby Balls

    These soft foam rugby balls are ideal for children and beginners. Red, green, blue or yellow

  • Precision Evasion Fitness Training Belt Football/Hockey/Rugby Agility

    The attacker tries to break away from the defender, during multi-directional quickness drills, by ripping the touch fastener tab on the umbilical between the two. Ideal training for marking and mirroring.

  • Precision Rugby Junior & Adult Adjustable Tag Belt

    Adjustable belt with clip fastening and touch fastener tags. Ideal for mini-rugby and juniors alike. Also useful as a training aid for seniors. 1" wide tags.

  • Precision Rugby Union Replacement Boot Studs 15mm (Pack of 12)

    Screw-in. Alloy Rugby union studs. Pack of 12

  • Precision Training A5 Rugby Union Pro-Coach Notepad

    The professional planning tool for all rugby coaches. Notes page on one side, rugby pitch diagram on the other.

  • Precision Training Bib Football Kit Wash/Carry Bag

    Mesh drawstring bag ideal for transporting bibs to and from training sessions. Also suitable as a wash bag. Mesh fabric allows maximum breathability. Will hold approximately 75 bibs. Colour: white.

  • Rhino Club Rugby Kicking Tee

    To meet the demands of the game at the highest level, you need a kicking tee which delivers a consistent strike every time. Manufactured to the highest specifications, good value and suitable for all ages as well as most kicking styles.

  • Rhino Meteor Match Rugby Ball (Size 5)

    Superior match ball. Outstanding flight qualities and handling. Blend of synthetic and natural rubber. Hand stitched. 4 ply. High-tech latex bladder. Size 5

  • Rhino Pro Adjustable Rugby Kicking Tee

    With a variable height, whether kicking from distance or needing accuracy from the side lines, your kicking game can reach all new heights. Bold colours are designed to stand out on the rugby field. Ideal for all different types of pitches and conditions.

  • Rhino Rapide XV Rugby Ball (Size 3/4/5)

    Upper Surface made with Blend of Virgin Grade natural and Synthetic Rubber. Ideal ball for Leisure, Schools and Mini & Junior Clubs. Ideal for all conditions. Exclusive RHINO embossed grip pattern. Laminated with 2 layers - 1 x Cotton canvas and 1 x Polyester Viscose. Hi Tech LatexBladder 100% Skill hand stitched. Size 3, 4 or 5.

  • Rhino Vortex Elite Replica Rugby Ball (Size Mini / Midi)

    Upper Surface made with Blend of Virgin Grade natural and Synthetic Rubber. Max Pimple Grip. Laminated with 2 layers - 1 x Cotton canvas and 1 x Polyester Viscose. Size 1 (Mini) or Size 2 Midi.

  • Telescopic Rugby Kicking Tee

    Telescopic design for adjustable height and asymetic top to securely cradle the ball before kicking.