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Fitness & Run Accessories

Our range of fitness accessories will help you get more from your workout or gym session. If you’re looking to improve your balance our wobble boards, balance domes and wobble cushions are ideal. For those looking to improve core strength our ab rollers, ab wheel and ab pad are all excellent options. If you're thinking of buying a foam roller, take a look at our guide, Why do I need a foam roller?

  • Blis-Sox Blister Gel Lined Socks (Pair)

    New Blis-Sox® reduce impact and sheer forces around the heel for amazing comfort and protection when walking or during any other activities. The advanced polymer gel in Blis-Sox® slowly releases nourishing oils and vitamins that soften and moisturize skin.

  • CanDo HandWeb Extensor Hand Exerciser Strengthener

    CanDo Handweb is great for tennis elbow.

    Use to strengthen digit and forearm extensors, for intrinsic hand strengthening exercises, muscle re-education for thumbs, and to restore dynamic thumb stabilization.

  • CanDo Memory Foam Squeeze Hand Exerciser Balls - Set of 3

    CanDo Memory foam hand held balls are perfect for the early stages of hand therapy. The balls are color-coded in 3 levels for resistance. The balls are pliable and workable just like exercise putty.

  • Chums Mini Neo Running Hiking Waist Pack Bum Bag

    The Mini Neo Waist Pack features the easy one-handed Side Cinch waist belt with a low profile padded neoprene pocket. Adjusts for lengths between 26" and 60".

  • Chums Trailway Running Hiking Waist Pack Bum Bag

    The Trailway Waist Pack by Chums features a triangulated waist belt with easy one-handed Side Cinch adjustment and multiple storage pockets. Adjusts for lengths between 26" and 46".

  • Compressport ArmForce Running Cycling Arm Sleeves Black

    The Arm Force Sleeve is a 100% seamless arm compression featuring aeroknitting technology for maximum moisture transfer and thermo regulation with grip 3D.Dots technology which keeps the arm sleeve in place.

    £24.99 save 8%
  • Compressport R2v2 Calf Sleeves Black

    Never has a calf sleeve made so much of an effect! Fitted with an ergonomic tab called K-protect, this compression apparel reduces vibrations to your knees by 8%! Worn during and after effort, it limits pains and aches, thus delays fatigue and accelerates recovery. Total performance is guaranteed over ultra-long distance races.

  • Compressport Running Triathlon Headband On/Off Black

    If you don`t want a classic headband that might quickly turn into a soaking piece of cloth look for this Headband On/Off.

  • Compressport Triathlon Race Tri Belt Black

    The new Compressport ® race belt is functional, adjustable and easy to clip on and off.  The fabric and stitching are durable while the slim, elastic design makes it soft and comfortable to wear. It has three clips for attaching a race number and four elastic gel holders on each side.

  • Compressport Ultrun Pack 140g Running Backpack Black

    No gimmicks, only efficiency! It took 3 years to develop this ultraminimalist COMPRESSPORT Ultrun Pack.

    £89.99 save 11%
  • Dakine Hip Waist Pack Bum Bag Black

    We can think of more scenarios where you need this Hip Pack than where you don't-music festivals, amusement parks, tourist destinations, farmers markets, biking around town,

    £18.99 save 11%
  • Fixpoints Magnetic Run Race Bib Number Clips Holders

    Magnetic Race Bib Number Holders / clips. Set consists of 4 fixpoints for a professional attachment of your start number. The special fastening system with click-on click-off  indentation on the fixpoints makes the start number equally simple to remove. Ideal for running, marathons and cycling races.

  • Gel Ball Hand & Wrist Exercisers

    Gel squeeze ball hand exercisers can be used for grip strength, dexterity, mobility, and fine and gross motor skills.

  • Hi Vis Fluorescent Morf Thermal Neck Warmer Gaiter

    Hi Vis Fluorescent Morf Thermal Neck Warmer Gaiter. Reflective stripes.

  • J2X Fitness 4m Speed Agility Footwork Training Ladder

    The J2X Fitness Agility Ladder is ideal for speed footwork drills, short sprint exercises, agility training and warm-up routines. 4m length / width 41cm. 10 Rungs

  • J2X Fitness Cotton Wrist Bands Sports Sweatbands (Pair)

    J2X Fitness Wrist Sweatbands are ideal for many sports including tennis, badminton, cycling, weight lifting and the gym. Comfortable, soft and highly absorbent.

  • J2X Fitness Foam Balance Stability Pad Cushion

    The J2X Fitness Balance Pad is ideal for improving coordination, balance and stability or a rehabilitation tool. Also ideal for endurance training.

  • J2X Fitness Latex Resistance Loop Exercise Lateral Resistor Leg Band Ring Crossfit

    The J2X Fitness Resistance Band Exercise Loops are ideal for rehab and training exercises. Muscles and tendons can be stretched and strengthened as part of rehabilitation training or sports training.

  • J2X Fitness Microfibre Quick Dry Sports Gym Triathlon Towel & Mesh Bag

    J2X Fitness Sports Towel is made from highly absorbent microfibre which is lightweight and quick drying. Ideal for the gym, sports, swimming, hiking and camping. Size: 120 x 50cm

    £9.99 save 40%
  • J2X Fitness Neoprene Running Arm Phone Wallet Keys/Money IPhone IPod

    The J2X Fitness Arm Wallet offers an easy way of carrying an phone, IPod or IPhone and essential items such as money and keys when running.

    £9.99 save 70%
  • J2X Fitness Reaction Agility Reflex Training Ball

    These Reaction Balls from J2X Fitness help to improve agility, hand-eye coordination and reaction speed. Size 7cm

  • J2X Fitness Running Shoe Wallet Key/Money Pouch Pocket

    The J2X Fitness Shoe Wallet offers an easy way of carrying essential items such as money and keys when running. Attaches easily and securely onto laces.
  • J2X Fitness Sports Trainer Shoe Accessory Rugby Football Boot Bag (8 Litre)

    The J2X Fitness Sport Shoe/Accessory Bag (8 Litres)


  • J2X Fitness Squeeze Grip Hand Finger Exercise Strength Training Ring

    The Squeeze Grip Ring from J2X Fitness is highly effective at strengthening the fingers, hand and forearm. Available in Green (medium resistance) and Red (Difficult resistance)

  • J2X Fitness Wooden Wobble Balance Board

    These Wooden Balance Boards from J2X Fitness features anti slip surface. Improve balance and tone core and leg muscles.
  • Jack Wolfskin Baseball Cap Black

    Natural sun protection for all occasions. The classic BASEBALL CAP from Jack Wolfskin is made from organic cotton. The breathable, robust fabric is so comfortable that it will have everyone, not just fans of natural fibres, enthusing about its comfort. The peak provides good sun protection. Colour: Black

  • Jack Wolfskin Baseball Cap Navy Blue

    Natural sun protection for all occasions. The classic BASEBALL CAP from Jack Wolfskin is made from organic cotton. The breathable, robust fabric is so comfortable that it will have everyone, not just fans of natural fibres, enthusing about its comfort. The peak provides good sun protection. Colour: Navy Blue

  • Jack Wolfskin Cross Run 2 Waist Bag Running Belt Pack Bum Bag

    Large waist pack with two bottle holsters for active outdoor sports

    When you’re trail running, you need to keep liquids and energy bars within reach. The large CROSS RUN 2 waist pack has space for your supplies and a light wind shell, too.

    £34.99 save 14%
  • Jack Wolfskin Cross Run Waist Bag Running Belt Pack

    Keep those running essentials handy! The CROSS RUN is a lightweight, minimalist waist pack designed for endurance sports.

    £14.99 save 13%
  • Jack Wolfskin Fidibus Waist Belt Pack Bum Bag

    From town to trail, if you need to keep your valuables with you the FIDIBUS scores top marks for practicality. It’s a compact little waist pack with a secret compartment on the back for your documents and cash. The main compartment opens out wide for easier access.

  • Jack Wolfskin Moab Jam 18L Backpack Rucksack Black

    Good things come in small packages. The little MOAB JAM 18 by Jack Wolfskin is a top choice for all your outdoor activities, especially energetic ones. The main compartment is big enough for rain gear, snacks and water.

  • Jack Wolfskin Perfect Day Backpack Rucksack Phantom

    Reduced to the basics and with enough room for everyday essentials,  the PERFECT DAY has everything you need in a day pack – main compartment, front compartment and elasticated side pockets – and nothing you don’t. Great for uni or the office, it’s sized to accommodate A4 files and books.

    £32.00 save 6%
  • Jack Wolfskin Texapore Winter Calgary Cap Hat

    Natural sun protection for all occasions. The classic BASEBALL CAP from Jack Wolfskin is made from organic cotton. The breathable, robust fabric is so comfortable that it will have everyone, not just fans of natural fibres, enthusing about its comfort. The peak provides good sun protection. Colour: Siltstone

  • Jack Wolfskin Velocity 12L Cycling Running Backpack

    Small, robust, versatile pack for cycling and running

    You love cycling. You love feeling the wind in your face and watching nature go by. With the VELOCITY 12, everything you need is right there on your back.

    £39.99 save 13%
  • Mens Under Armour Shadow Cap 3.0 Vent Running Cap

    The Shadow Cap 3.0 Vent Running Cap from Under Armour offer unstructured fit conforms to your head for lower profile.

  • More Mile The Beast Trigger Point Massage Therapy Foam Roller

    The More Mile Beast foam roller is perfect for trigger point therapy. Featuring specially designed foam bumps similar to the thumbs of a massage therapist.

    £18.99 save 37%
  • More Mile Xcelerator Spiked Rumble Foam Roller Trigger Point Massage

    The More Mile Xcelerator Spiky Foam Roller is specially designed to knead and massage those aching muscles like no-other roller before. A more convenient and economical self-treatment option for myofascial release. Extra firm foam density.

    £19.99 save 35%
  • NipEAZE Running Nip Guard Nipple Pad Protector

    NipEASE Running Nip Guard Nipple Pad Protector. Protection against painful nipple abrasion and chaffing.

  • Northcore Soundwave Waterproof Earphones Headphones

    Northcore™ "Soundwave" earphones are 100% waterproof to a depth of 3m which make them a perfect accessory for all sports and water based activities.

  • Orange Mud Endurance Hydration Run Bike Hiking Pack

    Utilizing a highly breathable and durable mesh, this pack is here for the long haul. The entire structure has a good bit of stretch, but we worked to find the balance of maintaining form while allowing plenty of movement in this design.

    £89.99 save 11%
  • Original HUMP Waterproof Rucksack Backpack Cover Safety Yellow / Shocking Orange

    The Original HUMP keeps your backpack contents dry and ensures you're seen by passing motorists.

    £19.99 save 20%
  • Outdoor Tech Tags Wireless Earbuds Headphones Earphones Buds Black

    The wireless earbuds that will never get tangled in your gansta chain again

    The Tags are wireless, Bluetooth ear buds that are simple to use and ready for anything

    £49.99 save 50%
  • Pits & Bits Expanding Wipes 4pk

    Combine the expandable wipes with our Pits & Bits Body Wash and create the perfect bathing wipe!

  • Pits & Bits Travel/Festival Wash Kit

    Keep clean and fresh when you're travelling, camping or at festivals.

  • Pits & Bits Waterless Body Wash 65ml

    Waterless Body Wash is the perfect way to wash away from home, whether you are biking,hiking, camping or in the military! Perfect  for festivals too! Pits & Bits is a no rinse product and requires absolutely no water!

  • Pits & Bits Waterless Shampoo 65ml

    Waterless Shampoo is the perfect way to wash away from home! This no rinse formula saves time, space and truly works! Leaves your hair clean, soft and full of life.

  • Ronhill Cargo Running Marathon Triathlon Waist Pack Belt Pouch Gel Loops Black/Fluo Yellow

    The Cargo Running Marathon Triathlon Waist Belt from Ronhill is an expandable storage pocket for mobile devices, nutrition, and essential items

  • Ronhill Run Guard Anti-Chafe Protection Stick Sensitive

    The Run Guard Anti-Chafe Protection Stick from Ronhill preventing chaffing and keeping you comfortable whilst running.