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Breakout Silicone Webbed Swimming Paddle Surfing Gloves

The Silicone Webbed Swimming Gloves from Breakout are perfect for swimming, snorkelling, body boarding and scuba diving.

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Webbed Design increases surface area to create a more powerful stroke.

Helps build shoulder, arm and back muscles.

Made from flexible latex rubber material

Perfect for swimming, snorkelling, body boarding and scuba diving.

1 Pair

Colour: Black

Size: Adults

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Philip Mullins
Jul 19, 2018
These gloves look the business. They look and feel very durable and they don't hinder dexterity

Advantages: Look and feel durable. Easy to put on and take off. Great finger dexterity whilst wearing them

Disadvantages: None that I've found
Bert-Jan Tullemans
May 26, 2018
Fantastic gloves. They are great in the water and you feel like the man from Atlantis. It gives a good workout for your arm and gives more confidence to the lesser swimmer.

Advantages: I feel less tired after a long swim. You can use them on any form of swimming.

Disadvantages: Haven't found any yet!
sharon salter
Dec 19, 2017
Not tried in yet as a gift but look nice & strong so hopefully they’ll fit.

Advantages: Nicely packed & good material.

Disadvantages: Fingers don’t look too long but we shall see.
Fran Tambly
Dec 4, 2017
good webbed gloves.

Advantages: easy to put on and looked long lasting

Disadvantages: I've big hands and these one sized fits all. ... are very tight on my hands and I'm unable to use them...
Sep 4, 2016
Great gloves, really enhances my swimming.

Advantages: I have big hands, I mean big hands. These gloves are so flexible due to the nature of the material they are made of that I have not had any difficulties to put them on my hands. To take them off simply pull them inside out, so they will dry well and then turn them the right way round to finally dry them on the outside...

Disadvantages: N/A