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Altberg Leder Gris Waterproofing Leather Walking Hiking Boot Wax BROWN

Leder-Gris Original is a mixture of 70% wax and 30% oil.  It has been developed for everyday use in average UK conditions. Colour: MOD Brown

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Waterproof wax for use in tough wet conditions

Leder-Gris® Original is a mixture of 70% wax and 30% oil.  It has been developed for everyday use in average UK conditions.  

The wax provides waterproofing, as it dries – it remains on or just below the surface.

The oil goes deeper into the leather, and helps to maintain the leather’s suppleness by replacing leather oils lost during the drying out process.

If leather oils are not replaced, then boots will be more likely to show signs of flex cracking earlier.

Note - Use of Leder-Gris® may darken the colour of the leather.

Size: 40g

Colour: MOD Brown

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Aug 13, 2017
This is a superb quality Boot Wax, Easy to apply and brings the Leather back to life.
In my line of leisure waterproof boots are a must and this Boot Wax fits the demand 100%

Advantages: Perfect Easy to Apply

Disadvantages: None Just time to appy
Malcolm Smith
May 3, 2016
Excellant product, goes on smoothly and gives a great finish

Advantages: Very easy to use

Disadvantages: None that I can see
Adam Smith
Dec 9, 2015
Excellent product, all the benefits of dubbin without the sticky aftermath. Boots simply wipe clean after one application - but used regularly will add years of life to leather.
paul headford
Sep 2, 2015
Very good needs to be worked into leather well i used toothbrush leave over night go over with shoe brush in morning

Advantages: leaves avery even wax surface while feeding leather

Disadvantages: none that come to mind
Martin Eke
Dec 6, 2014
Excellent product; if I wax lyrical does exactly what it says on the tin

Advantages: Penetrates leather and resists cracking of leather

Disadvantages: None


Great purhase, I'm learnig to swim and these have given me confidence. It seem my arms have strength and that little more power when ever I've used them. You really do grab the water.
Jan 30, 2015