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Alpenheat Boot Warmers & Dryers

Alpenheat Boot Warmers & Dryers
Our Alpenheat ski boot warmers will keep your feet toasty warm on even the coldest of days. The dryers will make sure your boots and gloves are dry within a few hours ready for action.

  • Alpenheat Ski Boot / Glove Dryer Radiator AD8

    With electrically heated thermal loops the RADIATOR from Alpenheat gently dries up to four shoes or gloves at the same time within a few hours. Space can easily be found for the RADIATOR due to its three different mounting methods: wall, floor or free- standing.

    £169.99 save 18%
  • Alpenheat Ski Boot Dryer Compact Dry Ionizer AD11

    The Compact Dry Ionizer from Alpenheat is a compact, lightweight footwear and accessory dryer. CompactDry Ionizer utilizes a whisper quiet motor to dry, warm and hygienically clean footwear and accessories in 2 hours or less.
  • Alpenheat Ski Boot Dryer Warmer Circulator

    The Ski Boot Circulation UV from Alpenheat is an affordable, portable dryer that moves air by convection. No fan is used, so there are no moving parts.