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  • Chums Floating Boat Keychain Yellow

    The Floating Keychain by Chums fits over your wrist so you don't lose your keys while on the water. If you happen to go overboard and lose your keys the Floating Keychain will keep them on the surface. Easy to spot with it's bright yellow foam and TPU construction, it will float 1 oz (28g) or about 2 keys.

  • Chums Floating Marsupial Wallet Yellow

    Keep your valuables afloat with the Floating Marsupial keychain and wallet by Chums. A zip pocket keeps ID, credit cards or cash secure and a slide pocket keeps your keys out of the way when not in use.

  • Chums Halfpipe Sunglasses Adjustable Floating Retainer Strap

    A lightweight latex tube design and easily adjustable bead set the Halfpipe apart from other floating eyewear retainers. Popular with kayakers, the half pipe fits under helmets and cinches tight to the head during treacherous runs and rides. Floats up to 5g (.2oz.) and fits small- to medium-sized frames.

  • Chums Mini Neo Running Hiking Waist Pack Bum Bag

    The Mini Neo Waist Pack features the easy one-handed Side Cinch waist belt with a low profile padded neoprene pocket. Adjusts for lengths between 26" and 60".

  • Chums Orbiter Sunglasses Retainer

    An eyewear retainer with an edge, The Orbiter combines form and function. Made of lightweight stainless steel, the Orbiter is sleek and durable. The Orbiter features flat low-profile temples that fit most eyewear frames. Available in regular (15.5") and extra-long (17") lengths.

  • Chums Trailway Running Hiking Waist Pack Bum Bag

    The Trailway Waist Pack by Chums features a triangulated waist belt with easy one-handed Side Cinch adjustment and multiple storage pockets. Adjusts for lengths between 26" and 46".

  • Dakine 5 Litre Lunch Box Cooler Pack Bag Case

    keep your food cold with the Dakine Lunch Box Cool Bag! A favorite at lunchtime. Interior zippered mesh pocket. Size: 5L

    £20.00 save 40%
  • Gul Peaked 3mm Titanium Neoprene Surf Hood

    Keep your head and neck warm with the peaked surf hood. The 3mm titanium neoprene outer reflects the heat back in reducing wind chill. Bolt Dry quick dry lining wicks water away from the skin for the ultimate insulation and warmth in the coldest conditions.

    £22.50 save 20%
  • Jack Wolfskin Texapore Waterproof Running Hiking Cap Black

    Sporty style weather protection for everyday and outdoor wear. The TEXAPORE BASEBALL CAP is a waterproof and breathable peaked cap with a sporty, streetwise style.

  • Jack Wolfskin Vent Pro Running Cap Black

    The Vent Pro Cap from Jack Wolfskin is a lightweight baseball style sun cap with air vents.

  • Sola Poncho Hooded Beach Triathlon Surf Changing Towel Robe

    These Towel Changing Robe from Sola are made from 100% Cotton.

  • Breakout 2mm Neoprene Surf Webbed Paddle Gloves

    These 2mm Neoprene Paddle Gloves from Breakout are perfect for building swimming strength or to provide extra power and warmth for surfers and body boarders.

    £14.99 save 60%
  • Breakout 3mm Neoprene Surf Wetsuit Gloves

    These 3mm Neoprene wetsuits Gloves from Breakout are made from durable, stretch neoprene with a grip palm. Perfect for surfing, diving, jet skiing and kayaking. Also ideal for Tough Mudder, Mud Run, Spartan and Tough Guy obstacle races (OCR).

    £17.99 save 33%
  • Breakout Polarised Floating Watersports Sunglasses

    These Polarised Sunglasses from Breakout are ideal for water sports including surfing, sailing, kayaking and canoeing. UV400 polarised lens. Lightweight wrap around design with integrated adjustable retaining strap.

    £40.00 save 50%
  • Breakout Silicone Webbed Swimming Paddle Gloves

    The Silicone Webbed Swimming Gloves from Breakout are perfect for swimming, snorkelling, body boarding and scuba diving.

  • Breakout Waterproof In Ear Earphones Swim Headphones MP3 Ipod

    These Waterproof earphones from Breakout are perfect for swimming, surfing and other water sports. They feature 3.5m audio jack and are suitable for Ipods, Iphones, mp3 and mp4 players.

  • Breakout Waterproof Sports Clip Earphones Running Gym Headphones

    These Waterproof Sports earphones from Breakout are perfect for swimming, running, surfing and other many other action sports. They feature 3.5m jack and are suitable for Ipods, Iphones, mp3 and mp4 players.
  • EQ Sorky Sympatex Ear Seals Swimming Surfing Ear Plugs

    EQ Ear Seals earplugs create a waterproof seal without blocking your hearing. Comes with an ergonomic applicator for an easy and safe placement of the protection in the ear, as well as with a handy carry tube on a key ring.

  • Gul Dry Bag Waterproof Sack 6L

    Keep your gear secure and dry with a hard-wearing dry bag from Gul. Made from strong, reinforced PVC fabric. Size: 6 Litres

    £12.99 save 38%
  • Gul Madgrip PRO PALM Knuckler Obstacle Race OCR Tough Mudder Gloves SIZE XL-XXL

    Gul Madgrip PRO PALM Glove - an all day comfort glove with ergonomic design and technnology for practicality and performance for sailing enthusiasts or obstacle races,  Tough Mudder, Mud Run, Spartan and Tough Guy.

  • Orange Mud Transition Seat Wrap Run Bike Surf Triathlon Towel

    A seat cover and changing towel in one. The Transition & Seat Wrap is the answer to parking lot and trail head gear changes as well as keeping that clean seat of yours...well, clean!

  • Pits & Bits Expanding Wipes 4pk

    Combine the expandable wipes with our Pits & Bits Body Wash and create the perfect bathing wipe!

  • Pits & Bits Travel/Festival Wash Kit

    Keep clean and fresh when you're travelling, camping or at festivals.

  • Pits & Bits Waterless Body Wash 65ml

    Waterless Body Wash is the perfect way to wash away from home, whether you are biking,hiking, camping or in the military! Perfect  for festivals too! Pits & Bits is a no rinse product and requires absolutely no water!

  • Pits & Bits Waterless Shampoo 65ml

    Waterless Shampoo is the perfect way to wash away from home! This no rinse formula saves time, space and truly works! Leaves your hair clean, soft and full of life.

  • Sola Single Strap On Padded Surfboard Roof Rack Pads

    The Single Padded Roof Rack Pads from Sola is perfect for surf travel.

    £34.99 save 14%
  • Tyhoon Vortex Liquid II 2mm Diving Neoprene Wetsuit Gloves

    The Vortex Liquid II 2mm Diving Neoprene Wetsuit Glove from Typhoon feature Wind resistant Liquid Neoprene exterior.

  • Childs EVA Foam Float Belt 5 Block Swimming Training

    These Childs EVA Foam Float Belts are perfect for swimming training and learning to swim. For age 3 - 6 years


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