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It was over 40 years ago, when Dennis Cross, decided that enough was enough. Although he loved surfing, the waters of the Atlantic were too cold – a solution was needed, so the first custom-built wetsuit for surfers was born. Gul is a well established manufacturer of wetsuits and technical surf and marine clothing for men, women and children. We stock Gul wetsuits, rash vests, wetsuit boots and gloves.

  • Gul Dry Bag Waterproof Sack 6L

    Keep your gear secure and dry with a hard-wearing dry bag from Gul. Made from strong, reinforced PVC fabric. Size: 6 Litres

    £12.99 save 38%
  • Gul Performance Sailing Kayaking Duffel Dry Bag Holdall 60L

    The 60 Litre Performance Dry Holdall has a heavy duty tarpaulin construction, made of carefully selected durable materials and fitted with a waterproof snap shut dry fastener and removable padded shoulder straps.

    £49.99 save 10%

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